Technical FAQ's

What software do I need to access the Living Life to The Full website?

All you really need to get started, is an Internet connected computer and a Web browser. Living Life to The Full recommends the use of the FREE Firefox Web browser.

Other software that you will need includes:

Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering video and animations on the web.

Adobe PDF
Reader is the global standard for trusted distribution, viewing and printing of information.

Check that your web browser has Cookies enabled

Cookies are small files that can be created and written to by a programming language. The most common are JavaScript cookies that are read / written to a users hard drive by a program that runs in the web browser when a user visits a web site.

Cookies are currently NOT WORKING

Check that your web browser has Javascript enabled

The Mood tests currently require that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser in order to advance through the questions. JavaScript is a script language - a system of programming codes, that can be embedded into a web page to add extra functionality.

JavaScript is currently NOT WORKING

If the above settings are not enabled, then the registration forms may not be processed correctly, and you may find that they reappear blank after they are submitted.

If I still have a technical problem, what should I do?

We are keen to help people to use the Living Life to The Full site effectively, however we hope that users understand that with several million hits a month it is not possible for us to respond to all questions

You can contact us by email at:

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